Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks in your foundation allow moisture to enter your structure, which can lead to high relative humidity, mold and mildew growth. We offer a variety of solutions for every type of foundation or structural repair. Whether you have cracks in your cinder block walls or cracking in your poured foundation walls, we can fix it!

Water seepage into your basement or crawlspace not only causes damage to your structure and belongings, but it can promote the growth of mold and mildew, which pose dangerous health risks to you and your family.

There are two methods we utilize to repair foundation cracks, urethane foam and carbon fiber.

When the concrete crack is wet or leaking, we use urethane foam products. The foam is flexible and is easily injected into the foundation crack. Upon contact with the water, the foam expands throughout the void, filling the crack.

For foundation cracks that form as a result of structural deficiencies including wall movement from thermal changes, uneven loading and settling of footing, soil pressure or soil shrinkage, reinforcement is necessary. We use Fiberlock carbon fiber countersunk staples and/or carbon fiber strapping to remedy this type of structural threat. Carbon fiber is highly effective at strengthening concrete and is superior to steel because it is stronger, stiffer and not corrosive.