Structural Repair

Does your structure have:

  • Leaking walls?
  • Foundation wall cracking?
  • Leaking wall cracks?
  • Wet wall cracks?
  • Horizontal foundation cracks?
  • Vertical foundation cracks?
  • Bowing foundation walls?
  • Leaning foundation walls?
  • Bulging foundation walls?

Foundation walls with serious structural problems require wall bracing or wall anchoring in order to stabilize your basement wall and inhibit further deterioration.

Our experienced project managers will evaluate your foundation to determine which solution is the best for your particular issue. Based on the inspection, we will use either a spring loaded wall bracing system or a wall anchoring system. Both systems use sound and proven engineering methods to secure and stabilize your basement wall.

Wall bracing is designed to push the wall back using three floor joists and can be used on different kinds of walls including block, poured, wood and clay tile. Bracing is effective, permanent and will restore your bowing and leaning walls.

Wall anchoring utilizes a plate bolted to the basement wall which is connected to another plate situated in the ground approximately 10 feet away from the wall. Since the dirt won’t move, the plate in the yard will stop the plate in the basement from moving. Continuous pressure will force the wall to move back to a straighter and more structurally sound position.

Protect your family and your foundation by calling us today for a free inspection!